ePrint – The Complete Solution.

We have used our 55 years’ experience in the flexible packaging industry to develop a new Gravure print technique that can provide customers with high quality print at a reduced cost. ePrint is the result of several years’ work looking at how we can support our customers to deliver the most cost effective packaging solutions possible.
ePrint is much more than simply a reduction in the number of colours. It is an entire ethos of support and development designed to give you the result you desire in the most cost effective way. By applying ePrint at the design origination stage, we can advise on colour usage, image placement and graphic design, all to provide a fixed origination cost.


Recently, we worked in partnership with an established customer during a new design launch to reduce the origination costs. We utilised our ePrint principals from first sight of the original concepts. At the very earliest artwork stage we offered suggestions for amendments to the designs in order to make the most striking, yet cost effective product, for our customer. Our ePrint philosophy is to maximise impact and minimise cylinder costs.
The result of applying ePrint principles reduced the number of cylinders required for the launch from 49 to 13 with no compromise to the design. Across the entire range, savings to the initial origination costs were in excess of £20,000. The product range launched in store and the Supermarket feedback was very positive, commenting that it was the best re-branding launch that they had ever experienced. Delivered on time and under budget.


We examined the product portfolio of a selected customer whom we felt could benefit from ePrint.
In conjunction with the customer, our print management team formulated a proposal to revise designs and reduce the numbers of colours currently utilised at the next design change.

To prove ePrint, we created a trial set of cylinders which printed 6 different designs from one set of cylinders. This enabled our customer to visulalise our proposal and their new range launched. We had reduced the number of cylinders required from 36 to just 5. Our customer can now order in smaller quantities reducing stock holding and waste.


We have developed the colour reduction principal even further with an existing customer. A key design in their product portfolio contained an expensive prominent background colour that had been in use for fifteen years. Using our ePrint technology, we analysed the components of this colour and suggested an alternative mix. The result was a totally restructured colour palette, maintaining the designs colour integrity.


A current project ongoing at the moment is to reduce the amount of colours used on a range of FMCG products. Together with our ePrint technique, we are also working with the customer to reduce the waste on the products by making suggestions on how this can be done at the origination stage.

ePrint Explained

The philosophy of ePrint is nothing new, but our approach and results are. Historically, there have been many reasons why customers felt that this type of approach was a compromise that was excessive. Technology has since moved on and these ‘compromises’ have dramatically reduced.

ePrint has not been developed in isolation, it is the result of a combined effort by Discovery Flexibles and AF Reprographics, each utilising their own expertise to ensure we are able to offer a consistent product on a large scale with minimal amount of colours.

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