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Let’s keep this simple. We make flexible packaging and we do it very well. We’ve been doing that for almost 70 years so we know a thing or two about it.

We can print and laminate pretty much any material – all challenges accepted.  Plastic film, paper, aluminium, nylon, PET…thick or thin. That’s the easy stuff!

We are true innovators. We currently have five different patent applications, all at various stages of the process.

We have developed a patented drinks pouch that is much more consumer friendly. We have developed a new lidding system for ready meals that reduces packaging materials, is recyclable and offers superior product security.

We are about to launch an active packaging technology that will deliver an extra 50% shelf life to pretty much all food stuffs. You read that here first! If you need help to develop that new pack or want to look at something completely different, we’re the people to ask!

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HD Flexo Printing

HD Flexo printing on our state of the art press. Inline processes such as product customisation are available. You only have to ask!

Gravure Printing

HD Gravure printing with many options available to add to the process. Inline coldseal, inline coatings, matt and gloss effects


With our clever lamination system we can quickly change from duplex to triplex configuration. We can stick anything to anything!


Here’s our clever ideas.


Attention to detail. 


Live projects. No theories. All practical steps we’ve taken for our customers


What’s happening in our wee world. From investment to charity events


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