Coldseal with options

Resealable Coldseal, Synthetic Coldseal, Coloured Coldseal. We’ve done them all!

High Speed Coldseal Production

Registered Front To Back, Coldseal In Production

Coloured Coldseal Is Possible

This customer opted for brown tinted coldseal


That sticky stuff on the back of the pack that allows you to seal it without the need for heat.

It’s great for chocolate or sensitive products. It’s great for high speed production lines.

How about resealable coldseal or synthetic coldseal?

Maybe scented coldseal or coloured coldseal? We do it all.

Discovery Flexibles are one of very few printers in the UK who offer coldseal.

Nutritional bars, confectionery items, biscuit flow wrap, medical, lidding products, tea envelopes.

Materials Used
Polypropylene, Metalised Polypropylene, Paper are suitable for coldseal applications.

Coating / Finish
Clear, Metallic, White, Matt, High Gloss


Exact performance can be tailored to suit customer requirements. Please give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your packaging options in more detail.

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Download our di-Seal Technical Data Sheet