Where two (or three) become one!

Solvent Based Adhesive

Extensively used for difficult to laminate structures. Instant Bonding.

Water Based Adhesive

Gives a soft feel to your laminates. Instant bonding system.

Aluminium Lamination

Not everyone who laminates can handle aluminium foil. We go all the way down to 6.5 microns.

Solvent Free Lamination

A very economical method of bonding two substrates. It’s a curing process.

Strip Lamination

Need a window to let people see the contents? We can produce all sorts of combinations of strip laminates to suit your needs. You just need to ask!

Our tandem lamination system is a wonderfully versatile piece of kit. We can run our two laminators independently of each other to create duplex laminates. Then, with the flick of a switch, we can link them together to create a triplex laminator. These machines are so versatile that not only do they laminate but they also coat and can even print in register!

Jimmy Urquhart

CEO, Discovery Flexibles Ltd