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Quality Management

We do our utmost to produce the very best quality we can. Our vast years of experience has allowed us to devlop control systems and a quality  monitoring system that is second to none.

  • On site Quality Assurance Department
  • Field service technicians available to react quickly to any potential customer opportunities
  • Colour accurate press proofing
  • Cutting edge colour management technology -X-Rite system
  • ISO formatted SOPs and training matrices
  • FDA compliance
  • MSDS Database information
  • Compliance with COSHH and REACH standards
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Food Safety Compliance

Laboratory Facilities

We have an on-site analytical laboratory which provides support and knowledge to assist the customer on all aspects of quality assurance. We are also well equipped to accommodate all possible circumstances that may arise in a typical production environment. This includes:

  • Odour/aroma testing
  • Tensile testing
  • Slip Testing
  • Seal strength (hot and cold)
  • Lamination bond strength analysis
  • Colour controls


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