With more than 60 years of experience, Discovery Flexibles are among the leaders in manufacturing and converting flexible packaging films. We’re acknowledged for incomparable leadership and proficiency, a wide range of high quality products and innovations, reactive service and extensive research and development resources. Our focus is to deliver the best solutions for the most important film applications.


We are not just about the manufacturing process, once delivery has taken place, we appreciate all the steps in the supply chain and have extensive technical process knowledge and we know about the various packaging machinery our customers use most. It has been known in the past that we have advised customers how to run our films for optimal results.


Our staff and employees are highly trained, long serving and pride themselves on doing the best job for every single customer, big or small. Our production facilities in Dundee, Scotland include high quality rotogravure print machinery, unique technology for lamination, coating and slitting.

We are accredited to BRC . Our QA management team continually review the factory processes to enhance production efficiencies and drive technical innovation.

Production Equipment


  • 3 Rotogravure printing machines from 1 to 9 colours
  • BOPP, Paper, PET Printing
  • Soft & Hard Tempered Foil Printing
  • In-Line PVdC coating
  • In-Line Coldseal
  • In-Line Acrylic coating


  • 2 state of the art laminators which can be linked together
  • Unique Triplex lamination
  • In Line Printing and coating
  • Ability to laminate up to 700mu materials
  • Strip Lamination


  • 4 high speed slitting machines
  • Foil slitting machine

Other Capabilities

  • Pouch and Bag Making
  • Single Mono-layer heat seal coated lidding films
  • Digital Printing
  • Short Run ability for mock ups and samples
  • Doy Pack Supply
  • Pre-made bags</>