Discovery RecyclingLeading by example…

At our Dundee plant, we are continually looking to make packaging solutions trouble-free for the consumer. We understand the convenience that is required in today’s food industry.

With our in house technical proficiency and experience, we are constantly striving to create the next global innovation in the packaging industry.


Discover nanoLam – Ultra thin packaging technology – Micro technology lamination. All the benefits of aluminium foil combined with weight reduction with yield increase.


Discover ePrint – The Complete Print Solution – Working with the customer to get the best result with minimal cost.


Discover Perfectus – A Ready Meal Packaging Innovation – A revolutionary new lidding solution to replace cardboard sleeves.

Areas where we have already led the way in the flexible packaging market:

  • One of the first Polyethylene Extrusion companies in the UK.
  • First in the UK to offer PVdC Coating.
  • First in the UK to offer Inline Coldseal.
  • First in the UK to offer Solvent Free Lamination.
  • Developing compostable packaging solutions.

Throughout the years our business has gone through a number of name changes and joint ventures, all of which have added to our knowledge, experience and understanding of the Flexible Packaging market. Today we continue to develop innovative products to serve today’s ever changing demands.